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travels to the holy land

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two years ago, from september 1st – september 18th, i traveled to israel and the west bank in order to investigate the ongoing conflict with my own eyes. i traveled with 21 undergrad students, two grad students and one professor. the group we traveled with is called the olive tree initiative, which raises funds and sends groups of students to both israel and the west bank. the objective is to provide a first hand glimpse of the conflict and gain experiences with which we share with our universities and ultimately the world.

though its founding is controversial, and since no trip can be the same, its method is revolutionary.  its learning model is best summed up as an offshoot of empiricism; a school of thought pioneered by Aristotle’s idea of tabula rasa or a ‘blank slate’, but developed further by john locke during the enlightenment. empiricists maintain that we (can only) gain knowledge through our experiences and perceptions of the world.

yet last year, from september 2nd – september 19th i traveled to the region a second time, with twenty students and three professors from uci, along with three pairs of students from ucla, ucsc, and ucsb.

though the history of the holy land is ancient and chaotic – its culture remains current, profound and beautiful.

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